These Parts have already SOLD at auction below: (That means I don't have them anymore!)


Rather than try to list what I have on the car.  I will list what I sold so far on Ebay:  I will try to keep this list as up-to-date as possible, but this is only a partial list:

As of 11/25/09 I have sold the following:

HATCH CARGO SHADE COVER Cruise Control Switch Change Holdr Passenger Side Headlight
FLOOR MATS Dash Speakers Tweeters Driver Side Headlight 
Left Rear Quarter Glass Plastic WINDOW WIPER SWITCH BACK REAR  1991 Pop-up headlight switch (relist)
HATCH CARGO CARPETING power mirror dimmer trim piece 91 Rear Defrost Defroster Switch (relist)
CARGO SHADE BRACKETS power mirror switch DS Turn Signal Lens with bulb
OEM CIGAR ASHTRAY dimmer dash switch PS Turn Signal Lens with bulb
OEM CIGAR LIGHTER rear cargo trim panel cover for jack Hood Hinges & Bolts
CASSETTE RADIO CD CONTR rear cargo trim panel cover (tall) Hood Struts
RADIO TRIM BEZEL PLATE rear cargo trim panel cover (long) Set of 4 Plastic Seat bolt covers
OEM CHANGE HOLDER rear cargo trim panel cover (tall) Door Trim Carpet Set 
OEM CUP HOLDER rear cargo trim panel cover (long) Front Driver Side Seat
INSTRUMENT CLUSTER  1991 Rear Defrost Defroster Switch Front Passenger Side Seat
Jack/Tool Kit Rubber Door Switch Cover Gasket Battery
Shade/Cargo cover hook 1991 Pop-up headlight switch  
Door/Lock handle Trim RH Front Back Seat Bolt Plastic Cover  
Shift boot plastic Rear Window Wiper Motor   
Leather Shift Knob Glove Box and Hardware   
Center Console w lid  Hood   
Rear Defrost Defroster Switch Left Front Fender   
Fog Driving Light Switch Clothes Hanger Hooks   

Don't see what you want listed?



Below is a video of the engine being started after sitting since July, 2008.  There is a whine on one of the pulleys and it looks like the main serpentine belt needs to be replaced.  I did not clean or do anything to the engine before taking this video, so it is what it is.

(Click on picture below to watch 692KB Windows Media File Movie)


Below is a video of a walk around the entire car as the engine is running.

(Click on picture below to watch 848KB Windows Media File Movie)


I am only selling this car because I recently purchased a 2001 Dodge Viper.  

It's old news but watch actual surveillance video of CROOKS stealing the wheels off my VIPER   Click HERE for details and Actual Video of the 2 guys Ripping them off!

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