Here is '01 Dodge Viper RT/10 Roadster Project completed March 05.  Below are pictures of the car at the storage yard and before work was done.  This car was a rollover.

This car is sold and has been shipped overseas so it is



This Dodge Viper had an Alabama Salvage title.  It had 14,935 miles on it when purchased.  The pictures above were taken at the Alabama Insurance Storage Yard where it was purchased, picked up and transported to my garage. This is how it looked the day I bought it previously wrecked and repaired.  I take pictures before, during and after the repairs.

You can see from the photos that the damage was very minor.  Mainly cosmetic and some rear suspension damage. Airbags we NOT deployed. Why was it totaled?  If you know about Vipers you know it doesn't take much to total one. The hood alone costs over $12,000 from the dealer. It doesn't take many damaged parts for the insurance company to give up and total out the car.

The right rear suspension was damaged and has been replaced.  This car ran and drove great! No mechanical problems, runs like a Viper should!  When contemplated putting black stripes on it for the bumblebee look.

Like This:

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Unlike many of other Vipers you may see on Ebay or elsewhere that claim "Should not need much to repair", this one really didn't . This one just needed a lot of LABOR, not parts, to make it right again. Viper Parts are VERY expensive and little things like missing emblems, windshields, and bumpers start to add up fast and into the $1000's of dollars!

Upgrades include: Smooth Tubes, K&N Filters, Upgraded Sony Stereo and Amp.

Replaced so far:

Rear Right Wheel & tire, Right Front Wheel & tire, RR Lower Control Arm, RR Knuckle, RR Half Shaft, rotors

Drivers door (repaired) R Door glass replaced (new oem).

Rear Bumper (Fascia) Repaired, Roof Repaired, Windshield replaced (new oem).

PS and DS mirrors

New RT/10 rear Window

Stock CD player replaced with Sony Mobile ES Stereo and Amp.

Below are some pictures of the Actual damage (many are high resolution - not dial-up friendly).

I have purchased a new side sill

Below are pictures as the repairs are progressing (9/27/04). The car is currently being stored in my heated garage.


Below are pictures as the repairs are progressing (1/23/05). The car has been moved to the body shop for disassembly, final prep, primer/sealer, and paint. I apologize for some of the pictures being blurry.  I was trying to take them with the flash off, especially on the wheels, due to the reflection. Keep in mind the entire car is dusty. Many of the primer spots you see in the photos were small "spider crack" repairs and not actual damage.  Notice the odometer now reads 15,016. I have put 80 miles on the car since the rear suspension and windshield have been replaced. I get more looks driving it like it is than I did when driving my 2000.  It runs and drives great. It just looks bad!

Left Front       Left Rear       Right Rear       Right Front

Transport day!  The final pictures I took of this car!  Here is how it looked (3/4/05) as the Viper left my house. Now it makes the long trip over the big pond!  This car was shipped to Sweden in the unfinished condition below to save on import taxes.  It was cheaper to have car finished and completed there than to have it finished here and pay the terrible taxes over then on the full value of the completed car.  It took awhile, but made it safely!

Here are pics of it almost finished in Sweden.

Below is a video of the engine being started on January 23rd, 2005.  I did not clean or do anything to the engine before taking this video, so it is what it is.

(Click on picture below to watch 885KB Windows Media File Movie with sound. {Sounds best with a Subwoofer})

Download your 01 Viper Parts Catalog in Adobe format Here


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