Here is '01 Dodge Viper GTS ACR Project.  Below are pictures of the car at the storage yard and before work was done.  This car had light damage to the right fender/hood.


This Dodge Viper has a Kentucky Salvage title.  It had 30,000 miles on it when purchased.  The pictures above were taken at the Kentucky Insurance Storage Yard. This is how it looked the day I bought it previously wrecked.  I take pictures before, during and after the repairs.

You can see from the photos that the damage was very minor.  Mainly cosmetic to the hood. Airbags we NOT deployed. Why was it totaled?  If you know about Vipers you know it doesn't take much to total one. The hood alone costs over $12,000 from the dealer. It doesn't take many damaged parts for the insurance company to give up and total out the car.

Unlike many of other Vipers you may see on Ebay or elsewhere that claim "Should not need much to repair", this one really doesn't . This one just needed a lot of LABOR, not parts, to make it right again. Viper Parts are VERY expensive and little things like missing emblems, windshields, and bumpers start to add up fast and into the $1000's of dollars!

Upgrades include: K&N Filters.

Download your 01 Viper Parts Catalog in Adobe format Here


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